Hello everybody, 
after longer time period I want to share my latest project. I really enjoyed this one I can tell you :) 
Couple months ago a founder of ATKÁRYHO KREMNICKÉ KRUMPLE asked me for help with his brand. 
Krumpla is very unique, handmade confectionery which has a long tradition since 1900. So I'll try to show you the whole process. At this moment I'm woking on their web design so I hope I'll be able to show you later. Have a fun and enjoy! 


As usual everything starts with pencil, markers and paper and research as well. I still prefer the most tradition way, because it's just still very natural for my self and I'm enjoying it very much. 
Usually I'm finishing my artworks in Adobe Illustrator. ​​​​​​​

To reach a vintage touch enamel signs was a clear choice. I made a lot of research and drawings.
We also asked customers and social media users to vote for their favorite design. 
The winner was very clear. It's the first on on the top :) ​​​​​​​

I was afraid little bit on the start with these t-shirts. 
Because a lot of details and tiny lines (see the detail photos here) 
But in the end I'm very happy with the result :) 


This was opposite to t-shirt design. Because of printing technology in this case has more options there was possible to put more details, ornaments etc. Original size was A2 format but finally it's little bit smaller. Printed on special textured paper to reach a vintage look.  


I also did some outdoor advertising. I have also a feedback directly from founder and he said: "People told me that: Yes we saw it!" So probably it's working :) 

And last thing we have is this advertising published on tourist newspapers. 
That's all for now. If you want to try krumple by your self please visit Kremnica in Slovakia. It's the best way how to experience something new and unique :) 

Michal Schwarz
Martin Varhaňovský 


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